To All Horsemen

Help End the Slaughter of America's Horses

Support Senate Bill 1915
To My Fellow Horsemen,

This is a notice to ask you, no to beg you to please help me in the fight to end the slaughter in the United States. Most of us in the industry are aware of what happened to Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand. After the shocking discovery of his fate at a Japanese Slaughter House.Many people assumed that similar atrocities do not happen in the United States.

But they do.

Horse-slaughter is alive and well in the United States and it must be stopped. Horses are being slaughtered by the thousands for human consumption in Europe. For those of you who have not been exposed to the horrific cruelties that befall horses at slaughter, please take a moment out of your busy schedule to watch this very graphic 8 minute video. Again I warn you this video is very graphic and more than just a little  Disturbing to View  or if you're a Mac user please go here to download Quick Time which should allow you to view this video. The URL for the video I'm showing you here is courtesy of: located at: And this video Blood and Country which I found at These video's factually and accurately depict these deplorable acts that are going on here in the U.S..  So shocked was I, to learn there are 3 such slaughter-houses still opened for business, and operating here in the U.S.  Two of which are in Texas, the other in Illinois.

I'm presently living in Texas myself, and find this particularly offensive, as should everyone in this state and in the state of Illinois, and every other state in the United States. We cannot turn a blind eye as to what has been going on. We cannot knowingly allow, or participate in the act of horse slaughter.

Before I'd watched these videos, and the many others since, I'd heard about horse slaughter, but was happily ignorant to what the word "slaughter" actually meant to the horse.  Now that I have seen it for myself, I realize I can no longer remain on the sidelines, or claim ignorance, or disassociate myself with these inhumane acts of such monumental cruelty being committed every working day!!  

I am a horseman myself, and as such I feel a great deal of responsibility to the racing industry and to the horses, that have been so good to me and that I have depended on, to provide me with my chosen career. As you all know without the horse, this industry and many others would cease to exist for my livelihood and the livelihood of many others.

I ask you, no beg you, to please get involved with me, in putting a stop to these abuses, no matter what it may take, or at the very least, pick up a phone and place a call or send a fax to your Senator today! See numbers below of the Big Seven to Contact!

  Lately I've come to feel so ashamed of what it is to be a human being, a species so arrogant, as to calling ourselves the most intelligent of species on the planet. How arrogant I find these words to be after what I've recently learned is going on. I find it offensive to me as a person and as a horse-lover. These acts against our loyal creature, the horses, well these acts are very nearly unspeakable.  

Country Music star Willie Nelson had this to say in his Article at CNN and I send my thanks out to him and to CNN for bringing this issue out into the public eye!!\

Thank You For Your Kind Attention,
Laura J. Hearn
                                           What Can You Do To Help?
                           Be A Voice on Behalf of the American Horse!
Act Today by Making a Phone Call or Sending a Fax, or an e-Mail !!
Ask them to please be a co-sponsor and support
S.1915, the Virgie S. Arden American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act can use this Letter to Send Your Senator

Contact One of the Following Senators today!!

These hold the key to getting S.1915 passed:

Senator William Frist (TN)
Majority Leader - Only he can get it on the Calendar
202-224-3135 (Phone)
202-228-4637 (Fax)

Senator Ted Stevens (AK)
Committee Chairman - Can help move Bill out of Committee
202-224-3004 (Phone)
202-224-2354 (Fax)

Senator John Ensign (TN)
Committee Member - Can help move Bill out of Committee
Sponsor of Bill S.1915
202-224-6244 (Phone)
202-228-2193 (Fax)

Senator Mary Landrieu (LA)
Cosponsor - She is pushing all Senators to Vote for S.1915
202-224-5824 (Phone)
202-224-9735 (Fax)

Senator Jack Reed (RI)
202-224-4642 (Phone)
202-224-4680 (Fax)

Senator Mitch McConnell (KY)
202-224-2541 (Phone)
202-224-2499 (Fax)

Senator Harry Reid (NV)
202-224-3542 (Phone)
202-224-7324 (Fax)