Artistic Visions by Tom Chapman

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This site is a gallery of Toms very unique, and incredibly powerful works of art. Many pieces within this web site, including all - original oils, prints (including the popular gicleé prints), placemats, totebags, mousepads, and other assorted items are Available for Purchase.

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The collagé below is made up of all original paintings by Tom Chapman. Some of these have been altered for fit and effect. The paintings as they actually are, can be seen on various other pages within this site. All of which are Tom Chapman originals. I have done "very little" to alter any of these images, so as to maintain their original integrity". Thanks for your attention. We hope you enjoy your visit to Artistic Visions by Tom Chapman. Tell your friends, and come back often!
Tom Chapman's Artistic Visions
Imagine careening down a racetrack on a half ton of horse flesh doing 40 MPH. Some would consider this as an art form. Many believe that some of artist/ former jockey, Tom Chapman's, rides were works of art. Now his art takes on a more traditional form. Instead of riding horses, he paints them. Chapman works primarily with oils, and his style is versatile. The diversity in his techniques do share one common ground though, they all reveal his love, and knowledge of horses. Tom not only captures the grace, and beauty of his subjects, but also the raw power, and energy that equine athletes exude. Toms dramatic usage of color, light, and shadow display the excitement, and sheer thrill of horse racing at its very best.



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