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Hi 2 Winners selections analyst, and owner, LJ brings you punters information, with insights and tips. I have been researching a variety of resources to bring you guidelines for your entertainment pleasure. Hi 2 Winners has been an ongoing, growing project. I strive to give my visitors, a solid foundation, from which to build their ROI, for the long term. Canít go to the races today? Click---> William Hill US Betting  Radio, News, Promotions and more! Iíve been to hundreds of these Sports/ Gaming sites, and this one is great! Originally a UK based web site, William Hill now offers several U.S. race tracks, streaming video second to none! And various other sports too! Remember to Bookmark, or Save page to your favourites for future use.


RULE #1.  Variables There are literally hundreds of variables the punter may be looking at in a single race. If you're at the track, get a good look at the horses as they're being saddled, and during the post parade. Is the horse walking sound, is he overly sweaty? Appearances tell us a lot, even beginners. Past performances will tell you some of what you might expect from each runner in a race, but not like your own eyes. Watch for horses overly excited, sweating profusely, or showing any signs of distress. These likely aren't going to race as well as the horses keeping their cool, walking with handlers, showing interest eagerly, yet relaxed. Other variables to consider are track bias, speed figures, post position, color or name of horse (not recommended), jockey, trainer, tote board, bloodlines, hunches, and so on. Any of these can work, for a number of reasons on a given day. None can guarantee consistent winners.

RULE #2.  Conditions When placing any bets, be sure to look at the conditions of all races very carefully. Horses should fit the conditions of the races they're entered into. Look to see if a horse is jumping, or dropping in class. A good honest horse will usually race well when racing with similar class types as himself. So look very closely for horses showing any changes in class, or race conditions. Always makes for a good betting angle.

RULE #3.  Post Position No one post position makes for a good betting angle, unless there is extreme track bias. Unless you go to the track every day, you likely wonít know this. These are my thoughts on the PPís. I'm not fond of the rail (extreme inside post), particularly with young, inexperienced horses. Unless the horse is very sharp getting away from the gate, they are likely to be trapped down on the inside with a wall of horses all around. The extreme outside, I'm not partial to at all. Horses having to run behind the pack, and settle in the back, have too much ground to cover to circle the field. I prefer the mid to outer running positions best. They give a jock time to think of where to best position his mount, and move at his leisure, rather than be forced to play catch up with others who aren't going nearly so wide.

RULE #4.  First Time Starters The first timer is very difficult to pick to win in a race. You really never know what a first time starter will do in that first race. You'll be able to look at the clocked work times, but it's not much to go on. And those won't tell you how they will react to a grandstand full of people. You just can't be sure of how they might race. These races are perfect for the punter who uses color, or name of a horse as his betting angle! Unless you know a trainer who does exceedingly well with the first time starter, then don't gamble on these first time horses. You'd likely do as well to throw a dart at your program, than choose the winner in these races. Save your money!

RULE #5.  Starting Gate Can be a great angle, on occasion. If you have a horse who makes a false start. This is when a horse breaks through the gate pre-maturely. Most often that horse doesn't tend to run well. If that horse has taken up too much time, and all other horses are unloaded from the gate,... then it becomes anybody's horse race after that. It's a great time to back that longshot. But you better hurry, as you won't have long to place another bet as horses are being re-loaded. This is a great angle. Just doesn't happen often Listen carefully to the track announcer, he'll say which horses are fractious in the gate, or standing well, and alertly, or any breaking through pre-maturely!

RULE #6.  Jockey The jockeys riding in each race are important for the handicapper to pay close attention to. You want to look at their stats over the tracks they're currently riding at. A jockey can do well at one meet, and no good at all at the next. If you see a jockey riding several races on a day's card, and he wins two races early on, you may want to play him in later races that day also. These streaks go as readily as they come. Play day to day, or week to week. Some of the hot jockeys in Great Britain, and Ireland currently are: Ryan Moore, Richard Hughes, Neil Callan, Kieran Fallon, to name just a few. These are consistently good jocks, no matter where they happen to be riding.

RULE #7.  Trainers Among the many excellent trainers in the UK., and atop the leader board currently are: Richard Hannon. He trains such horses as: Toronado, Sky Lantern, Thunder Strike, and the Professor. Hannon had 75 wins from 384 runners for the season. Remarkably well indeed! Mark Johnston finished second for the season with 58 wins from 372 runners. He trains Universal, Windhoek, Sir Graham, and Fulbright. Third is Richard Fahey who trains the StanJames.com Chester Cup winner, 'Address Unknown' (12/1), stablemate 'Ingleby Spirit' (22/1) finished 2nd. Fahey also conditions Sandiva, and Garswood. This season Fahey saddled 56 winners from 384 runners. Watch for Sir Michael Stoute: He started 124 horses with 30 wins, and 64 that placed! Must not overlook this high % trainer.

RULE #8.  Trainer / Jockey Combos  It is not necessary to look for trainers using only one or two jocks regularly, but if you see a Trainer / Jockey combo doing exceedingly well together, they'll likely be a safe wager for you to place a bet on. Here are a few of the hot combos racing in the UK to consider: Trn: Richard Hannon / Jck: Richard Hughes, Trn: David O'Meara / Jck: Danny Tudhope, Trn: Richard Fahey / Jck: Tony Hamilton, Trn: Sir Michael Stoute / Jck: Ryan Moore. This has been a most successful angle for me when betting, and one of my all time favourite angles.

RULE #9.  Streaks A jockey gets on a win streak for a variety of reasons, but don't bet just one rider, because you saw or heard about him / her having a great day at some time prior to the day you're playing the races. Some jockeys will do well at a specific racetrack, and not so well at others. If you see a particular jockey that wins a couple of races at the track you happen to be playing, then you may want to bet that rider in later races in that day. But take these hot streaks day by day. As that is usually how they play out. Richard Hughes celebrated a great race day last October when he rode seven winners out of eight races on a single day's card at Windsor. Don't look for this type of streak when you're playing the ponies,... it doesn't happen often. Then again you never know with horse racing!

RULE #10. Long Shots  When you're playing the long shot in a given race to win,... be sure to cover that bet with a show ticket as well. Why? Because your longshot might get beat by a whisker in a race, and with the show bet, you'll at least get your money back on the wager if your long shot places or shows in the race. It's the safest way to play that long shot. It makes no sense to play to win only. Including a show bet covers your bet if your pick is second or third.

These are only some of the things the would be punter will want to explore. I hope these key betting points, will help to guide you in selecting the winners, as you bet your hard earned dollars! Wishing you a most profitable day, and hope this finds you looking forward to the next time you have,...

Good Luck at the Races!!

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